Course Calendar

Honolulu, Hawai‘i • June 2–July 11, 2008

Photo participants at end-of-course dinner.

May 30-June 1

Students check into dorm rooms (Hale Manoa, East West Center, University of Hawai‘i)

June 2

First day of class

June 2-6

Theme I: The ocean as a microbial habitat

June 7

First Public Symposium:
“Ocean carbon cycling in a changing climate”
Matt Church, host
(download flyer PDF)

June 9-11

Theme II: Controls on microbial activity and organic matter dynamics in the sea

June 11-12

Introduction to microbial genome annotation

June 15-23

Research Cruise aboard the R/V Kilo Moana

June 24-28

Theme III: Techniques for detecting microbial distributions, activity, and biomass

June 28

Second Public Symposium:
“Sensing microbes in a dynamic sea”
Grieg Steward, host
(download flyer PDF)

June 30-July 3

Theme IV: Plankton diversity and ecosystem function

July 7-11

Theme V: Current and shifting paradigms in microbial oceanography

July 11

Third Public Symposium:
“The Future of Microbial Oceanography: A research prospectus for the next decade, and beyond…”
Dave Karl, host
(download flyer PDF)

July 11

Farewell Gala

July 13

Students check out of dorms