C-MORE Hale Videos

Ground Breaking Ceremony

On Wednesday 15 April 2009, ground was broken at UH Mānoa for a $22 million building to house C-MORE labs and offices. US Sen. Daniel Inouye noted that when he started his college career, ambitious students wanted to go elsewhere to get a top educational experience. “When I got into this business, I said to myself, ‘We’re going to change that‘,” he said, “And this is a demonstration of that change. Now … this is the place to look into oceanography. This is the place where the experts reside.”

Among the many attendees were University of Hawai‘i President David McClain, UH Mānoa Chancellor Virginia Hinshaw, US Senator Daniel Inouye, C-MORE Director Dave Karl, NSF-OIA head Lance Haworth, and Kahu Kordell Kekoa.

C-MORE Hale Construction Video

On 19 January 2010, at about 0900 hrs, the cornerstone for the construction of C-MORE Hale was put into place by one of the project’s masons. Placement of the ceremonial cornerstone is a Masonic tradition that dates back to pre-steel building construction, when each major step in the construction of a stone building was celebrated. The cornerstone is the first stone (or in our case, the first polished architectural aggregate block) placed above ground level). Construction proceeded rapidly and was watched with great interest via webcams positioned on nearby buildings.

C-MORE Hale Time Capsule Ceremony

A time capsule lies buried at a corner of C-MORE Hale, containing a variety of artifacts and records related to microbial oceanography and C-MORE.

C-MORE Hale Tour with David Karl

Shortly before the building was occupied, Director Dave Karl gave a tour of the building, its laboratories, meeting rooms, and award-winning landscaping.

C-MORE Hale Dedication Ceremony

The new facility was dedicated on 29 October 2010. Among the distinguished attendees were Vice Chancellor for Research & Graduate Education Gary K. Ostrander, University of Hawai`i President M.R.C. Greenwood, United States Senator Daniel K. Inouye, C-MORE Director David M. Karl, and National Science Foundation Director Subra Suresh. A blessing was offered by the Reverend Solomon Kekoa.

C-MORE Hale LEED Platinum Ceremony

C-MORE Hale was the inaugural LEED certification effort at the University of Hawai’i at Mānoa, and the first to be certified at the Platinum level. Special features include: energy efficient mechanical plant and lighting, high performance glazing on glass wall to reduce heat gain, occupancy sensors in all offices and laboratories, underground storage for storm water runoff, solar water heater, a green roof, plaza landscaping using drought resistant plants, and other energy efficiency and environmental performance features.