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C-MORE science kits offer lesson plans and materials for hands-on science activities in a self-contained format. They are designed for use with a range of grade levels. Each kit provides the information and supplies necessary for educators to teach their students about a particular topic in oceanography. These easy to use kits are a great resource for any classroom. Click on the images or kit titles above to learn more about each kit. Supplementary funding for statewide distribution of C-MORE Science Kits is provided by the Hawaii Innovation Initiative.

Each kit has a discussion forum where you can share ideas and ask questions, and where C-MORE educators answer questions and post updates. In any given forum, you can start a new topic or reply to an existing one. Everyone is welcome to view the forums, but you must create an account in order to post information. Before you join the forums, please visit our discussion forums introduction page for some user tips.

For more information about C-MORE science kits, please contact us at kits@soest.hawaii.edu or (808) 956-7739.