Eco-DAS XI Application

The application period for fall 2014 is closed.

Selection Criteria and Process

Selection criteria include: balance of subject matter of the applicants' dissertations; potential for near-term interdisciplinary interactions among participants; potential for interdisciplinary interactions with others in future; and diversity of gender, ethnic and racial backgrounds.

International applicants who have demonstrable plans to work in the U.S. or with U.S. scientists are also considered.

Applications are reviewed by an Advisory Board consisting of established scientists representing academic institutions, science organizations, private industry, and government service sectors dealing with oceanography and limnology research. The acceptance rate is approximately 50%. The target size for each symposium is 35 recent-PhD participants.

Application Materials

Applicants for the fall 2014 symposium must have received their PhD on or after 1 June 2013, or expect to receive it on or before 1 June 2015. The dissertation work of all applicants will deal with an important ecological problem in oceanography or limnology. Applications will include:

  1. a current resume (no page limit),
  2. a letter of support from the applicant's current (graduate or postdoctoral) advisor,
  3. a personal statement regarding the applicant's goals and reasons for applying (2 pages), and
  4. a substantive outline of a proposed chapter for the formal symposium proceedings (3 pages). Please see the Symposium Proceedings section for more information about the Proceedings volume. For successful applicants, the chapter that will emerge from this outline will review the broader context of the applicant's work to date, establish its relevance and importance, highlight the potential for cross-disciplinary impact and interdisciplinary research, and recommend future directions to achieve such interdisciplinary connections. During the symposium, you will be free to modify your proposed chapter, or even discard it and start over! The published chapters will be developed and written in collaboration with at least one other participant.
  5. Optionally, two additional letters of support may be submitted from other mentors familiar with the applicant's background and achievements.

All application materials except for the letter(s) of support must be submitted at the same time. We recommend uploading each as a separate file in RTF, DOC, TXT or PDF format. Letters of reference will be requested from the advisor and other mentors upon submission of the application form. Letters can also be uploaded with other application materials, if their authors are willing to provide them to the applicant. Applications will not be considered unless all materials are submitted.

The application deadline has been extended until 6 June 2014.
Letters of reference are due by 13 June 2014.

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