Summary Schedule

30 July to 14 August 2008

(Download the Excel spreadsheet for detailed schedule)

  1. Load ship on July 29, 2008
  2. Leave Snug Harbor on July 30, 8:00, and transit to 22.50N, 157.50W.
    1. Perform a double core/science casts 0-250m.
    2. Perform two casts to get water for enrichment experiment.
    3. Perform one cast for DOM incubation experiment.
  3. Arrive at BLOOM location at 22.75N, 157.00W on July 31, 6:00. Map the bloom characteristics during next 9 days.
    1. Alternatively occupy IN-BLOOM and OUT-BLOOM stations separated by approximately 10 nm, perform daily core/science CTD casts.
    2. Deploy sediments traps, SID incubator, and N-fixation arrays.
    3. Perform daily net tows.
    4. Use pumping CTD in YOYO mode to map bloom characteristics during transects between IN-BLOOM and OUT-BLOOM stations.
    5. Additional CTD cast at IN-BLOOM and OUT-BLOOM stations will be scheduled in the available open wire time.
    6. Follow the evolution of biological signals.
    7. Recover incubators and traps on August 8.
    8. Deploy Harve's floats
  4. Depart from area on August 8, 23:00, start an eddy hopping transect along cruise track described in section 1.1.
    1. Perform 5 double CTD casts at the centers of five upwelling/downwelling eddies along the cruise track.
  5. Start eddy mapping transect at 25.50N, 155.50W on August 11, 12:00
    1. Perform 8 double CTD casts along the eddy mapping transect at stations separated by 25 nm.
  6. Finish eddy mapping transect at 25.50N, 159.00W on Aug 12, 23:00.
  7. Perform last eddy station at 23.75N 159.00W on Aug 13, 14:30.
  8. Depart to Snug Harbor August 13, 18:00
  9. Arrive at Snug Harbor August 14, 08:00
  10. Unload the ship on August 14, 2008.

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