Photo of R/V Kilo Moana

The UH science party shall be bringing the following:

  1. Three laboratory vans with assorted equipment for radioisotope and general use
  2. All required chemicals and isotopes
  3. Large vacuum waste containers
  4. Liquid nitrogen dewar and transfer hose
  5. Drifting sediment trap array with strobe lights, satellite and radio transmitters, floats, weights
  6. Kevlar line, polypropylene line
  7. Sediment traps and crosses
  8. Drifting primary production array and gas array with light and radio transmitter, floats, weights, polypro. Line, spare buoy, etc
  9. PRR, AC-9/FRRf and other optical measuring instruments.
  10. Oxygen titration system
  11. Plankton nets and towing lines
  12. Desktop and laptop personal computers
  13. Assorted tools
  14. Waste containers to contain all generated hazardous waste
  15. All required sampling bottles
  16. Pertinent MSDS
  17. compressed gas cylinders
  18. Clean air compressor
  19. Four large incubators, 3 small temperature controlled incubators and the chilling unit
  20. One pH incubator (will be assembled by the MBARI group)

We will need the use of the following ship's equipment:

  1. A-frame
  2. A-frame block assembly
  3. Appleton crane and winch with conducting wire for CTD
  4. Electric power for winches (440 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Amp breaker) and vans (208 VAC single phase at 60 amps for lab van, 110 VAC 10 amps for equipment van)
  5. Radio direction finder
  6. Space on upper deck for two lab vans port side, one van starboard side
  7. Space on upper deck for incubators
  8. Hand-held VHF transceivers
  9. Precision depth recorder
  10. Shackles, sheaves, hooks and lines
  11. Shipboard Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler
  12. Thermosalinograph, pCO2 system, and Fluorometer
  13. Copy machine
  14. Grappling hooks and line
  15. Navlink2 PC or equivalent
  16. Running fresh water and seawater, hoses
  17. Electronic mail system
  18. GPS system
  19. Uncontaminated seawater supply
  20. Small capstan (~ 10 m/min)
  21. Underway/on-station data acquisition system for meteorological instruments, ADCP, thermosalinograph, fluorometer, pCO2
  22. OTG's 24-place rosette, and 24 12-l water sampling bottles (to be used as primary system)
  23. Pinger (to be used as spare)
  24. 1000 lb weight.
  25. Remote CTD decibar pressure display in the winch operator cabin.
  26. Large Sea-Mac winch (Mod. 1025 EHS). 60 Amp Hubbel plug/connector (440 VAC, 3 phase, 60 Amp breaker)
  27. 2 Freezers -20°C (Science hold)

Note: OTG’s 24-place rosette, and 24 12-l water sampling bottles will be used as primary system.

Ship: R/V Kilo Moana km0841 CTD CASTS (Download the schedule spreadsheet).

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